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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OPOD's S-League Player Feature: Rosmin Kamis
Reported by: Football OPOD

For this round of our S-League player feature, we talk to DPMM skipper Rosmin Kamis!

For those who do not know him, he is one of the players to look out for in the S-League this season playing like a certain Scotty Parker!

With an eye for the pass and never shy of a challenge, Captain Kamis shares with us more about himself and why DPMM are doing so well in the league!


Photo courtesy of FAS

DPMM is back in the S-League after so long and you guys have started out so well. What is the secret to finding back your form so fast?

We have no secret, maybe it’s the eagerness to play back in the S League that allowed us to have a good start and we hope it will continue till the end.

The association was suspended and you guys were not allowed to play. We are curious what you and your team were doing during this time. Please share with us how you guys managed to pass your time during these two years.

After the suspension, most of the player returned to their previous club in our Brunei league just to maintain the fitness so we are not far behind if we join the S-League again and that paid off in the last two games.

According to your coach, football is a part-time job for some of the players. Is it a part-time job for you as well? If it is, please share with us what is your other job and how do you cope with two jobs.

Yes, most of the players are part timers, but we have a release letter to each one of the players to their office, for releasing them to join the country club (DPMM FC) to join the S-League. That means we just concentrate on football. I’m an air wing soldier for 12 years working for the Brunei Air Force

How did you become a footballer?

I started playing football since I was 5. Football means a lot to me and I achieved a lot in this country since I started playing and that is why I love this game and I’m also following my brother’s footstep as he was also once a player in the 90s who won Malaysia Cup final in 1999.

A draw against Tampines and a win against SAFFC, you guys look unstoppable. Who do you think will be your toughest opponents in the league and why?

I don’t know who is the toughest opponents this season, the important thing is we will take each game as it is and we hope to continue the good result!

We heard that you like cars, what do you drive back home? 

I drive a Subaru STI type R..I just love the car because I like the sound of the boxer engine..hahaha

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